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The Chandler School Boosters supports PTO and booster organizations in CUSD

  • Our Vision is to be a premier leader in providing innovative guidance and oversight
  • The CSB focuses on enriching the overall educational experience of our students
  • We add value to PTO and booster groups through collaboration and training
  • This allows PTO and booster members to focus efforts on supporting CUSD students and staff

Club Registration

All members of your club must register or re-register every year.


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What is the CSB?

  • Midfirst bank stepped up to provide a method for Chandler School Boosters to help our clubs manage and make transitions easier from year to year. Midfirst bank is the only approved banking vendor.

  • Due to the financial and liability issues related to having clubs operate on school campuses CUSD requires parent organizations to be a member of CSB. There are quite a few benefits to the structure that CSB provides. CUSD maintains the insurance policies for events that are offered by your club. Your club has free use of Chandler School District facilities. The Booster/PTO tax returns are completed by CUSD CPA's keeping all of our clubs in federal and state compliance. In addition transitions between club leadership can be more efficient which hopefully give your club more opportunity with fundraising and time with your kids.

  • • The CSB is organized such that member groups share operational costs on a pro-rata basis.

    • The pro-rata share percentage is determined from the CSB’s current year budgeted expenses.
    • The PTO/Booster pro-rata share portion is calculated from all group’s previous year revenue, establishing a proportionate amount.
    • Once that percentage share is determined then the individual club’s amount is established.

    • Pro-rata fees are divided into two payments, half in the fall and the other half in the spring.

    • The pro-rata share amounts should be included in each club’s budget, using the previous year’s amount.

  • RunPTO is the operational software used to report income and expenses to CSB for annual tax reporting purposes. RunPTO includes many other features that benefit the Boosters & PTO's in our groups such as volunteer sign up, a website builder, an online store, student and teacher registration, calendar and more.

  • Any POS that allows for direct deposit into the Midfirst bank account may be used. Clubs will need to run a monthly report showing all transactions and upload that report into the financial documents section in RunPTO. Please use a generic email when signing up for this POS system, NOT one tied to a member personally. This will insure a smoother transition between board change overs.

  • For additional questions please contact us directly at

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