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Online Store

RunPTO Online Store Benefits

You can easily set up your PTO or PTA Online Store within minutes.

Just add the Product Details, set up the Payment Gateway and your beautiful personailzed PTO or PTA Online Store is ready for business.

RunPTO Online Store Product
Add Products
RunPTO Online Store Checkout
Online Store

Embed the Online Store on the Website

RunPTO Online Store Website

QR Code or URL Link for your Online Store

Parents can walk to a desk and scan the QR Code on a paper on a desk or a wall and it will take them directly to the Online Store. You can also email or text the Store url link

Online Store User has their own personal log history

RunPTO Online Store Log
Shopping Log for Each Customer

All Orders Reports can be grouped by Fund Group, Customer. Email, Item Name

RunPTO Online Store Log
Analytical Reports

Summary Reports for various Fundraiser Groups

RunPTO Online Store Log
RunPTO Online Store Log
Summarized Reports

Charts for Presentation

RunPTO Online Store Chart Report
Beautiful Charts for presentation of your Fundraiser Group Sales

Payment Gateway

You will need to open the Stripe or Paypal Account for your Online Shop.

Note: RunPTO does not collect payments. Your money directly goes to your bank account registered at Stripe or Paypal.

RunPTO prefers Stripe as it is the best checkout experience for customers.

RunPTO Online Store Stripe Details
RunPTO Online Store Stripe Checkout

Online Store feature in RunPTO by CloudInfoSystems