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RunPTO Onboarding Guide

Whether you’re new to RunPTO or have been using the software for a while, getting started is easy. You can begin by watching the onboarding video below. In this video, we will provide a brief explanation of each of the software’s modules and how they can be used to help manage your Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) or Booster Club..

This guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of getting started with RunPTO for your Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) or Booster Club. We will explore the following key topics:

  • Step 1: Initial Setup
  • Step 2: Organization Structure
  • Step 3: Create Security Roles/Users
  • Step 4: Calendar
  • Step 5: Website Builder
  • Step 6: Document Storage
  • Step 7: Membership
  • Step 8: Finance Manager
  • Step 9: Student Directory
  • Step 10: Volunteer Management
  • Step 11: Signup Forms
  • Step 12: Workflow Forms
  • Step 13: Online Store
  • Step 14: URL Links & QR Code
  • Step 15: Email Blast

Each step in the process is accompanied by comprehensive videos, and additional resources to assist you in mastering the effective utilization of RunPTO. Let’s commence the journey!

  • Watch the Security Roles/Users video.
  • Determine the assignment of tasks within RunPTO and create Security Roles accordingly, if necessary. Default security roles will be generated upon signing up.
  • With the Board/Chairperson list and Committee list at hand, designate individuals responsible for each module and proceed to create  Users .
  • Assign the appropriate Security Roles to the Users accordingly.
  • Watch the Calendar Management video.
  • Throughout the school year, your PTO or Club will organize numerous events.
  • Begin by setting up your Calendar for the entire school year and then distributing it.
  • Watch the Website Builder video to familiarize yourself with the process.
  • RunPTO offers a user-friendly website builder that allows you to create an appealing website for your PTO/PTA or Booster club. There are three templates available for you to choose from.
  • To commence building your website, you can start with the latest Clearwater template. Alternatively, you can opt for the older Neptune Template.
  • If your Parent Teacher Organization utilizes an expense form reimbursement process, it is probable that you currently rely on email threads or less efficient paper forms with attached receipts. Fortunately, there is a superior alternative available.
  • Explore the Expense Reimbursement Form Workflow process to streamline and enhance your reimbursement procedures.
  • For volunteers responsible for collecting cash at events, the Deposit Form Workflow process provides a solution for efficient handling of cash deposits.
  • URL Links are great when you want to send those links via email or embed it on the website. Clicking on the URL links takes you directly to the specific application.
  • QR Codes are great when parents can just scan a code on a paper on a desk or a wall and it takes then directly to the Signup App.

Questions on anything in this guide? Don’t hesitate to contact our Support team at support@runpto,com for priority support.

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