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Online Student Directory Software

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Online Student Directory

The new school year is well underway and many school PTA and PTO boards everywhere are gearing up for an eventful and productive year. As many boards get into the swing of things, Online Student Directory Administrators are trying to find a systematic and convenient way of storing all the school’s information on students and their parents.

Instead of using the old method of creating an Excel sheet, RunPTO offers a much easier way to organize and store the information. Once you try it, you’ll never want to go back to your regular spreadsheets and wonder why you never used it sooner! Here are some ways this particular feature of the site will make life and organization so much easier for Student Directory Administrators:

Features of RunPTO Online Student Directory

1. Comprehensive

The student directory module is a exceptional feature with comprehensive capabilities, enabling administrators to store crucial data such as student and parent names, email addresses, grades, teacher, phone numbers, and addresses in a single, easily accessible location. The search function allows you to effortlessly locate information by filtering results by grade, teacher, or name.

Student Directory

2. Easy To Use

While other programs similar to RunPTO are hard to use, our student directory features is easy. You don’t need to really know about technology and the easy-to-follow prompts allow you to start using it with no learning curve. You can easily add, update or delete student information at your own convenience online. You can also view the database from any device since the site is mobile/tablet friendly. If you want to print out the directory or a certain search criteria, you can print it out as a PDF document, Word document or Excel document.

3. Secure

All this information is totally secure online, so you don’t have to worry about the information getting out or having it seen by others who don’t have access. The site is 100% secure and there are privacy settings so that only those with access can see the student directory. You can either enter the data manually, or you can send the link for new parents to do it. They can also update their students’ data online if needed, and they won’t see any one else’s profile but their own child’s.

4. Advanced Search Features

If you’re just looking for a certain student or a range of students, the Quick & Advance Search features allows you to easily and conveniently search or filter the students in the database based on their grade, teachers, names, parent names and even phone number.

Student Directory Grouped By Grade
Student Directory Grouped By Teacher

5. Easy Transition

So that you do not have to update each student’s information when they move up a grade the following year, the system will automatically transition the student to the next grade until they graduate.

Graduating Student to the New Year

6. Collect Student Data Online With Online Student Directory Registration

You can send a link to collect Student Data Online securely. Parents can change their data online if you allow them to. They can opt out of having their information displayed. You just have to confirm the data they send and presto it is in the Student Directory. Click below to find out how online data collection is done for the Student Directory.

Online Student Directory Online Registration Overview

Online Student Directory Registration

7. Email Groups

Are you still struggling with your various email groups like yahoo, gmail etc. Student Directory automatically forms all the parents & teacher groups which you can use to send emails through the Email Blast feature.

RunPTO Student Directory

8. Mobile/Tablet Friendly

The online student directory can be viewed from any mobile or tablet just like you would do through an app.

Mobile Friendly RunPTO App

9. Export to Word/Excel or PDF easily

RunPTO Student Directory
Student Directory exported to a Word Document

RunPTO by CloudInfoSystems has a number of benefits for PTA boards everywhere, providing each PTA board member the power to simplify their PTA duties and tasks. Student Directory Administrators will appreciate the special features geared toward making their position easier to manage and organize.

Sign up for a free trial here and check out all the features.

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