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Document Management

  • Store and display all your documents at one place.
  • Various documents like Newsletters, Meeting Minutes and other forms for your PTA or PTO can be stored in RunPTO.
  • Create a URL Link and Share it using Email, Text or embed it on a Website
  • Secure, share, and edit all board documents 24/7.
PTA Newsletter


Upload and share monthly newsletters.
Demo PTO Newsletter Link

PTA Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Upload and share meeting minutes.

PTA Forms


Upload various types of forms for parents to download.

PTA Bylaws


Store your organization’s bylaws and policies.

PTA Committee Documents

Committee Documents

Store specific committee related documents.

PTA Membership Documents

Membership Documents

Store Membership Docs to share with your membership.

PTA Financial Doc

Financial Documents

Store financial documents like monthly bank statements,

Document Link

External Document Links

You can also have links to external documents stored on Google Drive, DropBox etc