Membership Management

Benefits of RunPTO Membership Module

  • Members can sign up & pay online or prefer to pay by cash or check
  • Members can check their Volunteer preferences
  • Members can add their Students with Grade and Teacher during Signup
  • Donation can be added in addition to the fees
  • Multiple Fee Types from Per Member Fee only to Additional Member Fee or Family Fee or your own custom fee types for fee collection.
  • Easy Payment Gateway setups with Stripe or Paypal for online payment collection.
  • Membership Directory for tracking Members and their payments.
  • Generate reports to submit to the State & National PTA.
  • Group Membership Report by Type, Gender, Payment Status.
  • Summarized Totals and Charts.
  • Create a URL for Online Signup and share it using Email, Text or embed it in website.
  • Membership Signup QR Code for parents to easily scan of a paper in the school.
  • QR Coded Membership Cards
  • Easy Onboarding and Setup

Online Membership Signup

QR Coded Membership Cards

Membership Directory

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Click on Columns if you want to add or remove columns from the report.

Just swipe to add or remove columns on the Membership Directory

Below is the report with Local , State & National Fee Columns included.

Membership Directory with Local, State and National Fees

Below is a Group By Report based on Type

Membership Report Grouped By Type

Below is a Group By Report based on Gender

Membership Report Grouped By Gender

Group by Report by Payment Status

Membership Report Grouped By Payment Status

Get a summarized report based of any Group by option

Summarized Membership Report

Get a chart of any Summary report

Summarized Membership Chart

Click on Display/Print to  export the data to a PDF, Word, Excel or for the print output.

Member Directory in PDF Format

Embed Online Membership Signup on a Website

Demo Website

QR Code

Print a QR Code using RunPTO’s QR Code module, put it on a desk or paste it to a wall in school