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How To Increase Parents’ involvement in your Parent Teacher Organization

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PTA Parent Involvement

Increasing parental involvement in PTO/PTA activities can be a tough task. It can be difficult to get parents to commit time to these activities, and even more difficult to keep them interested. However, with a little effort, you can increase parental involvement and make your Parent Teacher Organization more successful. There are several ways to increase parents’ involvement, but in this article, we’ll discuss four major ways.

Parents are an important part of any school-based organization such as the Parent-Teacher Association. Their involvement is crucial for the growth of your Parent Teacher Organization, as well as for the school’s development.  By involving more parents, you can ensure that the Parent-Teacher Organization is running effectively and that the student’s needs are met. Arousing parents’ interests in your PTO/PTA activities is not an easy task. Parents need to be reminded of the importance of their involvement in school and the community at large. They should be made aware of all the opportunities that are available to them, and be encouraged to take advantage of them.

We have highlighted four major strategies you can employ to increase parents’ participation in your Parent Teacher Association.

1. Host Engaging Programs

One way to increase parents’ involvement in your school’s Parent Teacher Organization is to organize great programs. This can be done by trying new activities, hosting social events, and collaborating with other parents. By planning and organizing these events, you will be able to connect with parents on an individual level. Thereby creating exciting and memorable experiences for them. You can also organize fundraising events and sponsor a worthwhile cause. By doing this, you will show parents that your school takes their involvement seriously and make them proud to be a part of your school community. Thus, making them want to participate more.

2. Get Them Excited About Your Cause

One of the best ways to increase parents’ involvement in your Parent Teacher Organization is to get them excited about your cause. You can do this by hosting a fundraising event or by creating a campaign that is centered around a specific issue. Give the parents a platform to participate as well. For instance, you can involve them in the planning process. Ensure that their voices are heard and that their input is taken into account. It’s equally important to keep them engaged throughout the process, and making the campaign fun will do just that.

3. Offer Incentive

You may also want to offer incentives to encourage parents to get involved in your Parent Teacher Organization. For example, you could offer membership discounts for parents who participate in PTO/PTA activities, free tickets to school events, free access to school resources, and a free lunch for volunteers who help with fundraising events. By offering these types of incentives, you will show parents that you value their involvement and that you are willing to work with them to make your school a better place for students.

4. Encourage Parents To Volunteer

Many parents do not participate in PTO/PTA activities because they lack information. They may want to get involved, but do not know how to go about it and might be scared to ask. There are many ways to encourage them to volunteer, such as reaching out to parents who have expressed interest in volunteering or sending out a call for volunteers in your school newsletter. You can also set up a parent-teacher conference and ask parents if they’d be interested in volunteering. By allowing parents to volunteer, you’ll show them that you value their time and commitment. It is also important to make it easy for them to volunteer, so they do not get frustrated and lose interest. With RunPTO’s online volunteer signup forms, it is quick and easy for parents to sign up for volunteering positions. Volunteer coordinators will also receive emails each time a volunteer signs up. This way, they can easily reach out to the volunteers.


Parents play a vital role in their child’s education. When you involve them in your school’s PTO/PTA activities, you increase collaboration, and support for your school. The tips above can help you increase parents’ involvement in your school’s Parent Teacher Organization.

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