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Student Directory Checklist


Before you begin adding student data, there are two prerequisites to keep in mind.

1. Set the Grade Levels

Set Beginning and Ending Grade

2. Create Teacher’s Directory

Teacher/Staff Directory

Adding/Collecting/Importing Student Directory Data

Below are the 4 ways you can build your Student Directory

1. Add Student Data Manually

2. Use the New Student Registration process

3. Collect Student Data during the Membership Signup process

4. Import the Student data in a .CSV file

Student Data File
StudentLastName, StudentFirstName, StudentMI, Grade,TeacherCode,Parent1Name, Parent2Name,Address,City,State,Zip,Email1,Phone1,Email2,Phone2

Teacher Data File
TeacherCode,TeacherLastName, TeacherFirstName,Grade,Email,Phone

Share Student Directory

Users get access and sharing can be done in 3 different ways

1. Parents create RunPTO credentials

2. Embed Student Directory on the Website

3. Send a URL link

4. Distribute the PDF file

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