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Volunteer Signups

Benefits of the Volunteer Signup Form

  • Pre-designed Volunteer Form is simple yet powerful
  • Based on setup all Committees appear in the dropdown list or on a check box like available positions list
  • Volunteer coordinator can receive email each time a volunteer signs up

The Volunteer Signup form can be embedded on the website, or sent as a URL link in a email or text for seeking volunteers to signup on the various committees.

The form allows volunteers to provide their name, email, phone , specific committees they want to work for.

After entering the information, click on signup.

Display/Print the Volunteer List

You can get Display or Print a signup report with all the details of the volunteers who signed up by clicking on Volunteer signup list. If the volunteer information has been collected on paper, it can also be entered manually here by clicking on Add New Volunteer.

You can also use URL link for your organization’s volunteer form to send to parents via email/text

Print a QR Code and keep it on a desk in School for parents to volunteer for committees

Example of Volunteer Signup QR Code

Both URL link or QR will directly take them to the Volunteer Form

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