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Student Directory/Registration

Student Directory has the following benefits…

  • Comprehensive Information such as Student Name, Parent’s names, Address, Email, Grade, Teacher  & Phone Numbers can be added for each student.
  • Easy to Add , Update or Delete Student Information Online.
  • Collect Student Data Online securely.
  • New Parents can enter their Students Data Online.
  • Existing Parents can update the Student Data Online, if needed.
  • Viewed from any device and is Mobile/Tablet Friendly
  • Quick & Advanced Search features allows you to to search or filter the students based on Grade, Teachers, Student Names, Parent Name & Phone Number.
  • It can be printed as  as a PDF document, Word Document or Excel document.
  • Easy Transition to the next  school year when students graduate.

Check out the Demo Account here

Student Directory

Grouped By Grade

Grouped By Teacher

Easy Search for Student Directory

Export to PDF/Word/Excel Easily

Send a URL Link for Online Student Directory Registration via Email/Text

Embed Student Directory Registration/Student Directory on a Website

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Student Directory Presentation Video

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Student Directory is a feature of RunPTO by CloudInfoSystems