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RunPTO provides easy onboarding for PTO or PTA Board Members, Treasurers, Membership Administrators, Student Directory Administrators, Event Administrators and all other volunteers with a comprehensive KnowledgeBase, Feature Descriptions, Sway Presentations, Video Presentations, Demo Account, Blogs, Help Desk Support Tickets etc

RunPTO Video Presentation

RunPTO Introduction Video Presentation

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Click on Microsoft Sway/Video Presentations below to see how easy it is for anyone to get started on any of the RunPTO modules within minutes.

Initial Setup

Initial Setup – Sway Presentation

Initial Setup: Knowledgebase

Organization Structure

Click on the below video presentation to know more about setting up your PTA or PTO organization structure consisting of Board Members, Chairpersons and Committees. Assign chairpersons and volunteers to committees. Setup how many volunteers you need for your PTO or PTA committees. Attach Committees to Accounts in Finance Manager so you can get a accurate financial picture of your committee. Email Groups like Board Members, Chairpersons, Committees are automatically setup for you to send group emails.

Security Roles/Users

Click on the below video presentation to see how to create security roles and set the access levels on individual modules. You will also learn on how to create users and assign security roles to Users or set them as Administrators. You will see how a User Portal looks like.

Read More: User Security Feature Description

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Read More: Create Security Roles Knowledgbase


Membership – Sway Presentation

Read More: Member Management Feature Description

Read More: How To Set Up Your PTO or PTA Membership Online quickly with RunPTO?

Read More: Membership Knowledgebase

Accounting/Finance Manager

Finance Manager – Sway Presentation

Read More: PTA Accounting Software: 12 Reasons Why RunPTO Is THE Choice For A PTO or PTA Treasurer

Read More: Accounting/Finance Manager Feature Description

Read More: Finance Manager Knowledgebase

Student Directory

Student Directory – Sway Presentation

Student Directory Video Presentation

Read More: Student Directory Feature Description

Read More: Student Directory Knowledgebase

Volunteer Management

Volunteer Management – Sway Presentation

Volunteer Management Video Presentation

Read More: Volunteer Signup Feature Description

Event Management

Event Signup – Sway Presentation

Read More: Signup Forms: How to Create Beautiful Forms for your PTA or PTO?

Read More: Event Management Feature Description

Calendar Management

Calendar Management Video Presentation

Read More : Calendar Management Feature Description

Email Blast

Email Blast Video Presentation

Document Storage/Management

Document Storage – Sway Presentation

Document Management Video Presentation

Read More: Document Management Feature Description

Read More: Document Management Knowledgebase

Website Builder

Website Builder – Sway Presentation

Website Builder Video Presentation

RunPTO Website Builder Video Presentation

Read More: PTO Website Builder: How To Build A Feature Rich PTA or PTO Website in Minutes

Read More: Website Builder Feature Description

Read More: Website Builder Knowledgebase

Workflow Forms

WorkFlow Forms Feature Description

Expense Workflow Video Presentation

Read More: PTO or PTA Expense Form Reimbursement Process in 5 Simple Steps

Deposit Form Workflow Video Presentation


Online Store

Read More: Online Store Feature Description

QR Codes

Read More: QR Codes Feature Description

Read More: QR Codes Knowledgebase