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Create Security Roles

Click on the Administration/Security Role option in the Menu for  creating Security Roles.

Only a User with Administrator role has access to this module.

Access to the various modules in RunPTO is set through the security roles. If the User is set up as a Administrator in the Create Users module, the user will have access to all the modules.

Roles created in this module lets you decide what kind of access the user can get to any of the modules.

For example a User with a Parent role could be restricted to mostly view only privileges.

A User with a Student Directory will have the capability to add all Student Directory data, but could be restricted to other modules with view only privileges.

RunPTO allows you to distribute the tasks to the volunteers based on the security roles assigned to them so your Parent Teacher Organization runs smoothly and efficiently.

Below are a few example Security Roles. You can decide how you want to set up the security roles and name them accordingly. A chairperson can be a Treasurer as well as a Membership Administrator too. Roles can be set accordingly.


A Treasurer would be in charge of creating the chart of accounts, budgeting, entering transactions and generating various reports including Income Statement for the Board and Membership.

Membership Management

A Membership Administrator would be in charge of Online Membership Fee Collection, maintaining the Membership Directory and generating various Membership Reports for the Board

Volunteer Management

A Volunteer Manager would be in charge of procuring volunteers for various committees for the Organization. They would also be in charge of the Volunteer List or Volunteer Log and submit reports to the Board.

Document Management

A Document Manager would be a volunteer in charge of uploading Newsletters, Meeting Minutes and other forms like Expense forms.


The President would be allowed various privileges as per the tasks. A President can be a Administrator if needed and can have access to all the modules or choose to be in charge of certain areas like maintaining calendar events

The above examples show that you can create any combination of privileges and name the Roles any way you want.

The roles serve as an access to a customized portal.

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