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Income Statement

Accessing the Income Statement

  1. Navigate to the Finance section.
  2. Click on “Income Statement.”
  3. The Income Statement will be displayed for the Fiscal Year.By default, it will show the Actual YTD, Budget, and Variance columns.
  4. You have the option to view the report in various ways, including Budget Only, Actual YTD, or Monthly amounts.

Monthly Amounts

To add Monthly Amounts to the Income Statement:

  1. Click on the “Filter” and then “Column” option in the Income Statement section.
  2. The report will now display the Months on the left along with the existing columns.
  3. Click and drag these columns to the right side of the report.
  4. The columns will move to the selected position.
  5. After arranging the columns, click on the “Apply” button to update the Income Statement.
  6. The report will now display the amounts for the selected months, allowing you to analyze the income and expenses for that period.
  7. You can customize the Income Statement further by selecting or deselecting other column options as needed.

Summary & Graph

Income Statement Summary

Income Statement Graph

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