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Membership Signup Form

The Membership Signup Form is designed to streamline the process of enrolling new members into the organization. The form is user-friendly and provides various optional columns to capture relevant information.

When accessing the Membership Signup Form, members will encounter a well-structured layout. They can input their details, including personal information, contact details, and any additional optional sections wanted by the organization.

Upon completing the form, members will proceed to the payment step. Depending on the chosen Payment Gateway, such as Stripe or PayPal, they will be directed to the respective payment screen. Here, members can securely enter their payment details, ensuring a smooth and secure transaction process.

The following sections are optional on the forms

1.Committees Volunteering For


3. Store

After the payment is successful, the Member will be registered in the Member directory,.

If your Payment Gateway is Stripe, the following screen will appear on signup .

Clicking on Pay With Card will bring up the following screen with you own school name.

The following screen will appear after the payment is successful

This is how it will appear in your Stripe account.

This is how it appear in your RunPTO Membership directory

If you selected Paypal as your payment gateway, the following screen will appear on clicking Signup

Clicking on Paypal will bring up the following screen and you will go through the paypal checkout experience

You will get the following screen when the payment is successful.

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