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Setting up your Organization Structure

RunPTO allows you to setup your PTA/PTO Organization structure and make sure that everyone’s roles are clearly defined from the President on the Board to the volunteer on a committee.

To begin with, every Board most likely will have the following key positions


The president creates the agenda for meetings, creates the list of events in the calendar, distributes the volunteer form for volunteers required for various committees.

Vice President

The VP is essentially a backup for the President. But they can have their own roles and duties of managing key committees.


The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the accounts of the Organization and submit various financial reports at  meetings periodically. The Treasurer also has to make available the Income Statement at the end of the year to the entire PTA/PTO membership. The Treasurer would be in charge of the RunPTO Finance Module


The Secretary is responsible for taking Meeting Minutes during meetings and sending them out to the entire membership afterward, coordinating and creating regularly scheduled newsletters, and maintaining any and all files and forms for the group. The secretary would be a person who would maintain the PTA/PTO Documents in RunPTO.

Committee Chairs

During the course of the school year there will be various PTA/PTO events and you will need a Commitee Chair/co-chairs to run them efficiently. Committee chairs are the leaders on the committee who will solicit volunteers for their committee events, work with the Treasurer to gather funds or submit expense reports and report to the President and the rest of the Board on the status of their committee events to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

All these Board positions and the Chairperson information are entered in the Board/Chairs module.



Committees are created in the Committee module and chairpersons/volunteers are assigned to Committees. This information is important in RunPTO so you can set up your Volunteer Counts in Committees. Committees are also connected to account groups in Finance Manager if you want Committee wise transaction reports.

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