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Student Directory

Creating Student Directory

The Student Directory feature provides multiple options for adding data. You can manually enter the data, collect it online through student registration, or import it using a CSV file. If you choose to collect data online, you can use the New Student Directory Registration feature, which allows you to send a URL link, embed it on the website, or use QR code scanning. It’s important to note that the Student Directory is password protected, and parents are required to create a parent account with a verified email to access it.

Creating the Teacher/Staff Directory

To begin, the initial step involves setting up the Teacher/Staff by providing their relevant information, such as grade and other details.

Teacher Directory

Adding Student Data Manually

The next step is to navigate to the Student Directory and commence entering the data by selecting “Add New.” In cases where there are multiple students within a family, click on “Add Family” to include all relevant information.

Student Directory

Adding or Modifying Student Records

To add a new student or modify existing student records, click on the “Add New” button or the pencil icon.
Please note that the pencil icon will only be visible to users with appropriate editing privileges, while users with view-only access will not have access to modify student records.

New Student Screen

Adding Family Information

By clicking on the “Add Family” option, you will be directed to the following screen:

Once you have filled in all the relevant details for the student, click on the “Save” button to save the information. If you have more students to add, you can click on “Add New” to continue adding additional student records.

Exporting Student Data

To export student data, simply click on the “Display/Print” option on the grid. This will allow you to export the data to various formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, or for printing purposes.

Display/Print Button to Export to various formats
Exporting to a PDF File settings
You can View or Download the exported PDF file
Student Directory in PDF Format

In addition to the “Display/Print” option, you have access to several other features in the Student Directory. You can utilize the Sorting option to arrange the data in a desired order. The Columns option allows you to choose which specific columns to display and include in the print output. Furthermore, you can group the directory based on Grade or Teachers using the Group By option. These additional functionalities provide flexibility and customization to meet your specific needs.


Group By

Group By Teacher Option
Group By Teacher Report
Group By Grade
Group By Grade Report

Column Selection for Display

Select Columns you want to show on the Student Directory
Selected Columns Report

Advanced Search

You can do a advanced search on the various columns given

Summaries & Graphs

Count By Teacher Summary
Count By Teacher Graph
Count By Grade Summary
Count By Grade Graph

Email Blast Group

Once you have populated the Student Directory, you will find the “Student Directory Parents” group in the Email Blast feature. This group allows you to conveniently send emails to the parents listed in the directory. With this functionality, you can easily communicate with the parents and keep them informed about important updates, events, and announcements.

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