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Student Directory

Creating Student Directory

The Student Directory feature can be used to add data manually or you can collect data online or you can send a CSV or XLS formatted file and RunPTO will import the Student data in the database

Go to New Student Directory Registration if you are going to collect the data by sending URL link or having it embedded on the Website or by by QR Code scanning.

Creating the Teacher/Staff Directory

As a first step, you need to setup up the Teacher/Staff with their information like Grade and other details.

Adding Student Data Manually

Next step is to go to the Student Directory and start entering the data by clicking on Add New and if there are multiple students in a family, click on Add Family

Add New Student

Click on the button to add a new student or the pencil icon to modify existing student records.

The  pencil icon will not be available if the user has view only privileges.

Add Family

Clicking on Add Family will bring up the following screen

Click on Save after you fill in all the information related to the Student. You can continue to add more students by clicking on Add New

Exporting Student Data

Click on  Display/Print on the grid to  export the data to a PDF, Word, Excel or for the print output.

Example of exporting the student data to Microsoft Word document

Besides  Display/Print option, you also have the Sorting option, Columns options where you can decide which columns you want displayed and printed . Also you can group the directory by Grade or Teachers with the Group By option.


Group By

Column Selection for Display

Advanced Search

You can do a advanced search on the various columns given

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