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New Student Directory Registration

Though this option is available on the menu , this module is meant for collection of student data by sending the URL link to the parents through Email/Text or embedding it on the website. You can also make a QR code available on a printed paper on the desk or paste it on a wall. Parents can just scan the QR Code with their mobile phones and it will take them directly to the Student Directory Registration.

Below are the steps to be followed for online data collection for the Student Directory

  1. Send a URL Link or Embed it on the Website or make the QR Code available to the parents on a printed paper.
  2. The parents can use the URL Link or QR Code  to enter and submit the new student related information.
  3. Submitted data does not get saved in the Student Directory yet. It gets verified by the Student Directory Administrator with Confirm Submitted Student Directory Data
  4. Once the data is confirmed, Student information will appear in the Student Directory

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