PTO Website Builder: How To Build A Feature Rich PTA or PTO Website in Minutes

    PTO Website Builder

    Intelligent and Intuitive Website Builder

    RunPTO has specially designed a powerful Website Builder for a PTA Website or PTO Website or PTSO Website. The entire process should not take more than a few minutes once you populate the content you want on the website.

    Firstly, the beauty of RunPTO Website Builder is you do not have know HTML, CSS, Javascript, WordPress or any of the technical jargon. Secondly, you do not have to hire a professional paying hundred of dollars. Thirdly, Any of the volunteers assigned can enter the content and manage the website. You can change that content anytime you want at the press of a button.

    The Website Builder produces bootstrap code which is ultra fast and is responsive on all devices..Desktops, Tablets and Mobile Phones. The Website Builder allows you to connect to any of the RunPTO Feature links:

    • Membership Signups
    • Volunteer Signups
    • Event Signups
    • Newsletters
    • Meeting Minutes
    • Student Directory Registration
    • Student Directory
    • Online Store
    • Calendar

    Check out the Demo PTO Website made with the Website Builder.

    Steps to get started

    Here’s how to get started. Go to RunPTO and click on the Website Builder. Then click on each of the tabs.

    1. Location

    The Website Location columns shows the location where your website is hosted for free. You can avail yourself of a free custom domain name for your website after your subscribe. The domain name will be in the Domain Name column.

    2. Organization Details

    Enter your organization name in the Header Name column. It will be displayed on the website on the top bar. The Address Line 1 , Address Line 2 and Contact Email will be displayed in the bottom bar. The Contact Email will be used on the Contact Form to receive emails

    PTO Website Builder - Organizing Details

    3. Top Text

    Add text to the top left corner of your website

    PTO Website Builder - Adding Top Text

    4. Top Images

    Add images which will be used as image sliders to the top right corner of your website. If you do not add the images ,the default slider images will be used

    PTO Website Builder - Adding Top Images

    5. Menu Links

    You can add upto 3 Menu links from the list of Menu Links. Add a title for the Menu Link.

    PTO Website Builder - Adding  Menu Links

    6. Feature Links

    You can add up to 9 feature links from the list of feature links. Add a title and description for each feature link.

    PTO Website Builder - Adding Feature Links

    7. Ribbon

    The Ribbon section can be used for the display of Newsletters, Meeting Minutes or any other links.

    PTO Website Builder - Adding Ribbon Text

    8. Mottos

    Display your school mottos in this section.

    PTO Website Builder - Adding School Mottos

    9. Sponsors/Fundraisers

    You can add up to 3 sponsors/Fundraisers here with a image and their URL link. You may use this section for other purposes.

    PTO Website Builder - Adding Sponsors/Fundraisers

    10. Messages

    You can add up to 2 message boxes. e.g 1 can be for the President’s Message, the other can be for the Principal’s message

    PTO Website Builder - Adding Messages

    13. Social Media

    Add a Photo Gallery from Flickr or other sites. Add the URL for FaceBook, Twitter or Pinterest if necessary.

    PTO Website Builder - Adding Social Media
    PTO Website Builder - AddingPhoto Galley

    14. Click on Publish Your Website

    You will be redirected to the website which is created instantaneously. This will be a responsive website which will work on Desktops, Mobile or Tablets.

    PTO Website Builder - Website

    Finally, RunPTO also includes many other features besides the PTO/PTA Website Builder at a low fixed cost

    Each of these features are a powerhouse and fully integrated. You will not need another vendor. In its class, RunPTO has the best price for all of its capabilities. And the cost is just $299 per year for all features.

    Accounting/Finance Manager
    Student Directory
    Volunteer/Event Signups
    Membership Signup
    Documents Management
    Email Blast

    All of this is included with secure communications and a enhanced security module with security roles and a comprehensive Knowledgebase

    If interested, sign up here.

    PTA/PTO Website Builder is a feature of RunPTO by CloudInfoSystems

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