Check Printing

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    Preprinted Check Stock

    With RunPTO, you can easily print your check on a preprinted stock. The check should be one check per page and check on top format as shown below.

    The preprinted check stock will typically have the following preprinted details
    Organization’s Name/Address/Logo
    Bank Name and Address
    Check Number
    MICR line consisting of the Bank Routing Number/Account Number already printed on it.
    Example Preprinted Check

    Display/Print Checks

    RunPTO Check printing will print the following check details on the preprinted check .

    Check Date
    Pay To Name
    Amount in words

    The check details will be retrieved from the Expense transaction for which the check is printed.

    After you enter the Expense transaction in Withdrawals, Click on Display/Print Check

    This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-103.png
    Expense Transaction where check needs to be written

    This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-104.png
    Check information on a Blank Page

    Check Settings

    You can easily position your check for the pre-printed stock by going to the Check Print Settings.

    For most of the pre-printed stock you will not have to change the settings . But if it does print on the desired locations, you can always change the locations. The position is in millimetres.

    Date Left/Date Top is the position of the Check Date.

    Name Left/Name Top is the position of the Check Payee.

    Amount Left/Amount Top is the position of the Check Amount.

    Amount Text Left/Amount Text Top is the Check Amount displayed in words.

    Memo Left/Memo Top is the Text on the Memo Line