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Tags are customizable labels you can assign to various transactions (deposits, withdrawals, and transfers). They don’t affect your books, They are flexible and allow you to track your money any way you want. Also you can get a Transactions by Tags Report.

Click on Finance/Tags

Click on Add New to add a new tag. You can edit or delete a tag if there are no transactions associated with it.

Adding Tags to Transactions

In Deposits, Withdrawals or Transfers, click on the Tags button to add tags to the transaction.

Click on Add New Tag and then select from the dropdown list the tag you want the transaction to be associated with. In the below example, we are associating the transaction with the Race Fundraisers tag. You can add as many tags you want to a transaction.

Use the Edit button to create a new tag in the list.

Transaction By Tags Report

  1. Click on Transaction List By Tag

2. Select the criteria of you can display all. Click on Display the Transaction List.

3. You can export to PDF, Excel, Word, print, sort, summarize the report as per your needs.

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