Create your Custom Website

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    Go to Administrator and click on the Website Builder.


    The Website Location columns shows the location where your website is hosted.

    You can avail yourself of a custom domain name for your website after your subscribe. The domain name will be in the Domain Name column.

    Organization Details

    Enter your organization name in the Header Name column. It will be displayed on the website on the top bar.

    The Address Line 1 , Address Line 2 and Contact Email will be displayed in the bottom bar. The Contact Email will be used on the Contact Form to receive emails

    Top Text

    Add text to the top left corner of your website

    Top Images

    Add images which will be used as image sliders to the top right corner of your website. If you do not add the images ,the default slider images will be used

    Menu Links

    You can add upto 3 Menu links from dropdown list of Menu Links.

    Add a title for the Menu Link.

    Feature Links




    You can add upto 3 sponsors here with a image and their URL link. You may use this section for other purposes


    You can add upto 2 message boxes.

    e.g 1 can be for the President’s Message, the other can be for the Principal’s message

    Social Media

    Add a Photo Gallery from Flickr or other sites.

    Add the URL for Facedbook, Twitter or Pinterest if necessary.

    Click on Publish Your Website

    You will be redirected to the website which is created instantaneously.

    This will be a responsive website which will work on Desktops, Mobile or Tablets.

    Check out the RunPTO Website Builder Video Presentation

    RunPTO Website Builder Video Presentation

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